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Discover Skopje

Located in Southeast Europe, Macedonia is one of the most beautiful countries on the Balkan Peninsula. It’s full of beautiful nature and landscapes, mountains and places which are perfect for walks and tours. Skopje dominates above all the cities in Macedonia as an ideal symbiosis between cultural and historical heritage, but also leisure and night entertainment.

There is also a huge number of beautiful apartments and holiday homes for relaxation, where you have a unique opportunity to get to know the Macedonian tradition and taste delicious food. We provide a good deal of this to our guests in Astera, where you can get unique and personalized recommendations on how to use the time spent in Skopje in the best way you can. No matter whether you’re on tour, business travel, sightseeing, resting, or need a space as a couple – we worked for it to provide the best possible experience and tips to explore Macedonia. Our guests are always our #1 priority.

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